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Reliable and efficient vehicle shipping to or from Delaware

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Nexus Auto Transport is an industry leader in safe and efficient car & truck shipments to and from Delaware

Shipping your car or truck to or from Delaware has never been easier. When you need to ship a car, truck, or specialty vehicle out of or into Delaware, you can breathe easy knowing that our expert vehicle shipping staff is on your side. We’ve got decades of in-house experience shipping a variety of different cars and trucks, and we only work with the safest and most dependable auto transporters on the road.

When it comes to vehicle shipments in Delaware, we’re the best thing going. Vehicle pickups and deliveries in every corner of Delaware. We work with you!

Do you need efficient Delaware car shipping, Dover to Miami? Are you simply looking for cost-effective Delaware auto transport companies that won’t give you the run-around? Do you have special considerations and concerns about your prized muscle car?

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How much does it cost to ship a car to Delaware?

The cost of Delaware car shipping will differ based on specific factors involved with your particular auto shipment. These key Delaware car transport factors include the day and month that you ship a car, the total driving distance of your shipment, the weight and model of the car you're shipping, whether you pick open or closed transport services, your scheduling flexibility, the accessibility of your pickup and drop-off locations, and the in-house rates of the Delaware auto transport services company you work with.

When you choose Nexus over other providers of DE auto shipping services, you're in for an unparalleled vehicle transport experience. Thanks to our state-of-the-art instant car transport cost calculator, you can secure Delaware car shipping services, 24/7/365 -- at rates that work with your budget, not against it.

That’s the Nexus advantage. We provide five-star DE auto transport services you can trust. Choose Nexus and choose quality.

What’s the best way to ship your car to Delaware?

If you’re in the market for reliable Delaware car shipping services, you have plenty of options. However, you should always opt for a highly experienced Delaware car shipping company that doesn’t sacrifice safety for the sake of its bottom line.

That's where Nexus comes in. Are you looking for expedited DE auto transport services as soon as possible? Do you simply want affordable auto transport, Delaware to Illinois?

Regardless of why you’re researching top Delaware auto transport companies, Nexus is always your best bet.

Experience the Nexus difference for yourself. No other DE car hauling company offers the balance of efficiency, shipment security, ease of scheduling, affordability, and customer service that we do.

We’re DE car shipping at its finest. We’re Nexus.

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Learn more about the great State of Delaware

Officially nicknamed “The First State” as it was the first state to fully ratify the United States Constitution, Delaware is the 45th most populous state in the Union with an estimated population of 973,764. The State of Delaware is also the second smallest of the 50 states with a modest area of 1,982 square miles, boosting its population density to the 6th densest in the nation.

The capital city of Dover is the 2nd most populous city in the state behind Wilmington. Wilmington is a medium-sized city by United States standards with a population of 70,139. Since the 1980s, job growth has spiked in the city, and it's now the home of several different credit card companies and international banks. Wilmington also has a growing arts community and cultural imprint throughout New England.

While Wilmington is a city worth considering for those transplanting to Delaware, there are a host of other cities and towns in the state to consider. Below are the nine other cities which make up the list of the ten most populous in Delaware:

DELAWARE CITY 2 Custom pin-icon



DELAWARE CITY 3 Custom pin-icon



DELAWARE CITY 5 Custom pin-icon



Despite Delaware’s small size, it’s still an agricultural powerhouse of sorts. Amazingly, Delaware is a leading producer of broiler chickens in the United States. It also has healthy export receipts for soybeans, corn, potatoes, and dairy products. While the state’s agricultural industry is small by comparison to both states, it’s still essential to the health of the Delaware economy.

Other Delaware industries which prospective job seekers may want to look the aforementioned finance and insurance, leasing and real estate, education, health care, construction, transportation and warehousing, retail, and general arts and entertainment.

Delaware’s prime position on the Atlantic Ocean does wonders for both its fishing and tourism industries. Beaches like Bethany and Rehoboth serve a dual purpose as resort areas and export centers for catches such as oysters, crabs, and clams.

Other sites of interest worth underlining on your Rhode Island to-do lists include Trap Pond State Park, the Fort Christian Monument, the Holy Trinity Church (which serves as the oldest Protestant church in America), the Winterthur Museum in Wilmington, central New Castle, Cape Henlopen, the Delaware Seashore, and the Delaware Museum of Natural History.

And if you're headed to Delaware with designs on higher education, you're in luck! There is a litany of standout colleges and universities in the First State which include the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware State University in Dover, Goldey-Beacom College in Wilmington, Wilmington University in New Castle, and Wesley College in Dover.

Now that you’ve learned more about the First State, it’s time to boost your trivia knowledge with a look at the various inanimate and living symbols of Delaware:

  • State Bird – Delaware Blue Hen

  • State Insect – 7-Spotted Ladybug

  • State Mammal – Grey Fox

  • State Fish – Weakfish

  • State Flower – Peach Blossom

  • State Butterfly – Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

  • State Tree – American Holly

  • State Foods – Peach Custard Pie, Strawberry

  • State Colors – Colonial Blue, Buff

  • State Mineral – Sillimanite

  • State Slogan – “Endless Discoveries”

Shipping your truck, car, or van with Nexus Auto Transport is the easiest way to get you on the road in the State of Delaware. And you’ll be happy you did with all the great shopping, entertainment, restaurants, and historical sites of interest in the First State.