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Our network of 59,000+ vetted car haulers covers your car transport route, providing professional vehicle shipping services when you need them most. And to help you with planning to ship a car from Florida to Michigan, we’ve created this informative how-to guide to make things even easier.

How far is it from Florida to Michigan?

The average driving distance for car shipping Florida to Michigan is 1,205 miles. However, the actual driving distance will vary depending on your pickup and drop-off points, along with car transport route changes dictated by inclement weather or road closures.

How long does it take to ship a car from Florida to Michigan?

The average duration of car transport Florida to Michigan is 3-5 days.

Your delivery window will differ when you ship a car from Florida to Michigan based on whether you choose open or enclosed vehicle shipping services, the number of other orders your driver is tasked with, your drop-off location's accessibility, and special circumstances such as road closures or bad weather.

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How much does it cost to ship a car from Florida to Michigan?

The cost of Florida to Michigan car shipping depends on several factors surrounding your particular car transport order.

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What is the cheapest way to ship a car from Florida to Michigan?

The cheapest option for car transport Florida to Michigan is with the help of a top vehicle transport company like Nexus Auto Transport. Moving a car yourself may seem more cost-effective. Yet, that's not the case! Hidden costs associated with DIY car shipping include time missed at work, gas, lodging, food, and potential damages.

Instead of losing time and money shipping a car yourself (or working with a less-reputable vehicle shipping provider), choose one of the best auto transport companies. Choose Nexus.

With Nexus, you’ll save yourself the headaches of a stressful vehicle shipping process and cut hidden costs out completely!

What are the best ways to transport a car from Florida to Michigan?

For car transport Florida to Michigan, your best option is always Nexus Auto Transport. Everything we do is done with you in mind, from our approach to customer service to the user-friendliness of our instant vehicle shipping scheduling system.

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