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The cost of South Carolina auto transport differs based on specific factors regarding your particular vehicle shipment. These crucial South Carolina car shipping factors include the time of year that you ship your car, your overall shipment distance, the weight and model of the car you're shipping, your choice of open or closed transport services, the flexibility of your shipping schedule, and the in-house rates of the South Carolina auto transport company you ship with.

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Learn more about the great State of South Carolina

The farthest state to the East in the Deep South region of the United States, the State of South Carolina is currently the 23rd most populous in the Union with an estimated population of 5,148,714. It’s also one of the more dense states in the Deep South from a population standpoint, considering it’s just 40th in the country in total area at 32,020 square miles. Nicknamed the Palmetto State due to the historical significance of its many palmetto trees, South Carolina has seen a sharp 11.3% population boom since the 2010 Census.

While the capital city of South Carolina is Columbia, it's just the 2nd most populous city in the state. The most populous city in South Carolina is Charleston with an estimated 138,458 – just about 5,000 more than Columbia. Charleston ranks just 200th in the nation in total population, but it more than makes up for it by being a vibrant city full of great places to eat and cool things to do. Let’s take a look at the nine other cities behind Charleston which complete the list of the ten most populous in South Carolina:

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(133,031 residents)

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North Charleston


SC CITY 5 Custom pin-icon

Mount Pleasant


Agricultural exports are a huge contributor to the health of a South Carolina economy which has been on the rise in recent years. The Palmetto State remains one of the nation’s largest producers of tobacco and also has major national imprints in the production and distribution of hogs, poultry, cattle, cotton, hay, dairy products, rice, and soybeans. With fruitful soil aided by its weather and placement on the Atlantic Ocean, South Carolina’s farms are rich in resources and are key to the state’s profitability.

If you're looking for work and heading to South Carolina, you'll be happy to know that a bevy of major international corporations have made the move to the Palmetto State to take advantage of cheaper rent and other advantageous rules and regulations. Boeing even opened an aircraft manufacturing factory in Charleston back in 2011 – one of two sites that helped finalize their 787 Dreamliner. South Carolina is a right-to-work state, so many corporations do work through temp agencies to fill positions.

South Carolina’s manufacturing sector is buoyed by much more than just aircraft assembly. Other key elements of the state’s manufacturing imprint include chemicals, paper goods, general machinery, automobiles, auto parts, and textiles. The Palmetto State also has a major international corporate presence with a total of 1,950 foreign companies employing approximately 135,000 citizens within the state.

Another key sector for the South Carolina economy is tourism. Perhaps the biggest tourist draw for the Palmetto State is Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand of gorgeous beaches which it anchors. Myrtle Beach has recently opened a boardwalk to cater to the nearly 14 million visitors who enjoy the Grand Strand each year. There are also tons of cool and kitschy shops around the city and the always-popular Family Kingdom Amusement Park.

That’s just scratching the surface for tourist attractions in South Carolina, though. Other key points of interest for you to discover include the Fort Sumter National Monument, the Magnolia, Middleton, and Cypress Gardens out in Charleston, the Cowpens National Battlefield, the Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden in Columbia, and the gorgeous Hilton Head resorts. And for those that like a splash of historical significance in their tourist attractions, there’s Fort Johnson, Fort Moultrie, and the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier in Charleston Harbor.

And while there are a few Amtrak lines and bus systems that service the state, the best way to get to these attractions is with your vehicle. Shipping your car or truck will help you take full advantage of the fourth largest state-maintained highway system in the United States. South Carolina has 11 different Interstates passing through it, and tons of other highways and byways which add up to a staggering 41,500 miles or so in length. The right vehicle will go a long way in the Palmetto State.

One thing that you’ll be able to take advantage of with your family vehicle in tow is all the great restaurants and eateries which dot the State of South Carolina. The real draw of South Carolina cuisine is the Lowcountry cuisine typically associated with both the state and the Georgia coast. With a heavy focus on seafood and a taste akin more to Cajun and New Orleans cuisine than traditional Southern fare, Lowcountry cuisine focuses heavily on the abundant and tasty seafood off the coast of the Palmetto State.

Some of the amazing highlights of South Carolinian Lowcountry cuisine include the hearty catfish stew, a turtle soup called cooter soup, sweet potato and crab soup, shrimp and grits, the mouthwatering Brunswick stew, crab cakes, and oyster roast. South Carolina also has a very healthy barbecue community and a wide variety of international options in bigger cities such as Charleston and Columbia.

All this talk about food has us thinking about sports. Who doesn't like pigging out on tasty and intriguing cuisine and watching sports? While South Carolina doesn't technically have a professional team in the four major American sports, the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League are considered by many South Carolinians as their home team. Despite playing their games in North Carolina, the Panthers have made it clear that they want to represent the entire Carolina region.

South Carolina does have a multitude of minor league teams in a variety of different sports. It’s also home to Darlington Speedway just to the northwest of Florence – one of the first tracks to be added to the NASCAR schedule and the first paved speedway in NASCAR as well. And if you’re more of the type to play sports rather than watch, just know that the Palmetto State is well known for its gorgeous golf course and ample opportunities for enjoying different water sports off the coast.

One thing we have yet to mention is collegiate sports. South Carolina natives are extremely passionate about collegiate sports, with the majority of sports fans in the state pledging allegiance to one of two programs – the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers. The University of South Carolina in Columbia is the flagship of an eight-campus system within the state. Their football team regularly draws 70,000 to 80,000 fans a game to Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia.

The Clemson Tigers play in a different conference but are arguably a much more successful program, especially with national championships in college football to their credit in recent years. Clemson University has students from all 50 states and 70 different countries, and it also serves as the home for the majestic South Carolina Botanical Garden.

If you're heading to the Palmetto State with designs on continuing your education, the University of South Carolina and Clemson University are great options. However, there are many more standout schools for you to consider. Other top universities and colleges in the state include the College of Charleston in Charleston, Furman University in Greenville, Wofford College in Spartanburg, Erskine College in Due West, Lander University in Greenwood, Newberry College in Newberry, Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, and Coastal Carolina University in Conway near Myrtle Beach.

Now that we've given you a detailed look at the goings-on of South Carolina, it's time to beef up your trivia knowledge about the Palmetto State. Let's begin with a look at the different living and inanimate symbols of South Carolina:


  • State Bird – Carolina Wren

  • State Amphibian – Salamander

  • State Fish – Striped Bass

  • State Insect – Carolina Mantis

  • State Flower – Yellow Jessamine

  • State Butterfly – Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

  • State Reptile – Loggerhead Sea Turtle

  • State Mammal – White-Tailed Deer

  • State Tree – Sabal Palmetto

  • State Dance – Carolina Shag

  • State Foods – Peach, Collard Greens, Boiled Peanuts

  • State Rock – Blue Granite

  • State Mineral – Amethyst

That’s just a little taste of the South Carolina fun facts that we have to offer. Below are some intriguing and entertaining trivia nuggets about the Palmetto State:

  • Did you know that South Carolina was known as the “Iodine State” for a short time? It was an effort on the part of the South Carolina Natural Resources Commission to inform citizens about the high amounts of the element found in the state’s vegetables and fruit. The nickname was even on South Carolinian license plates for a little while.

  • Charleston has been dubbed “The Holy City” by many thanks to its over 400 different churches and places of worship.

  • The first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter in South Carolina on April 12, 1861. The fort is now an extremely popular tourist destination and a national monument.

  • No monkeying around, but Morgan Island is home to over 4,000 rhesus monkeys. Also called Monkey Island, the island is not for tourists. The only people allowed on the island are the researchers who use the monkeys for various tests.

  • The art of tattooing may be extremely popular all over the United States now, but it was illegal in South Carolina until 2004. Before then, residents had to travel out of state for legal tattoo services.

Shipping your truck, car, or van with Nexus Auto Transport is an essential move if you truly want to experience the Palmetto State in all its glory. From the gorgeous waters just off Myrtle Beach to the sights and sounds of Charleston and Columbia, your family vehicle is your key to enjoying South Carolina for all it’s worth. And believe us, it’s sure worth a lot.