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Justin Lee

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Who am I?

After finishing my Bachelor's Degree in creative writing at the University of Oregon, I found my calling as a jack of all trades. From heading up a 10-person writing team at a leading sports website to creating article content for dozens of private clients across the globe, there's not a single writing assignment that I feel unable to research into an absolute success. Heck, I've even started to build a side hustle as a visual artist drawing portraits for a sizeable social media following. With Nexus Auto Transport, I've embraced my childhood love of all things auto transport. The art of writing about how we travel and how we move inspires me to no end. And, working for a car shipping company that helps thousands upon thousands explore their worlds in greater depth is worth getting out of bed in the morning.

What does car shipping mean to me?

When I was a little kid with a bad bowl cut, my dad was a long-haul truck driver for multiple vehicle shipping companies. I rode with him on several of his trips, marveling at the cool cars and cooler stops along the way. Just the memory of standing alongside an open hauler and gawking at all the breathtaking contours of sedans, trucks, and sports cars is enough to make me smile. When you ship a car with Nexus, you're doing so with a family of vehicle transport drivers and associates who love the open road and all the possibilities that come with it. Car shipping is a personal love of mine. And, it's the same for the other amazing folks who work with me. And when vehicle transport is done well, it can help create memories that last a lifetime.

What was the first car I bought?

I saved up my money from a fast-food job to buy a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with a bad motor mount and a worse paint job. It was the best $1,200 I ever spent.

What is my dream car?

I'd do pretty much anything to land a fully-functional jet black 1978 King Cobra with red racing stripes. And if I was going to move that car, you best believe I'd drop the extra cash for enclosed transport to protect my baby.

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